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Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
- on the "see it,,shooo ii send 3 ppotos directly from your ccel phone too""ics at 3 a former johns hopkins gyyecologist is found dead this morning.paul gessler joins us o tell us the doctorr was at the center of policee investiiation.pauu-- ppul--jennifer, dd. nikita - seeretly ecooded patients.he was let go bb hopkins earlier this month when another employee alerted securiiy to the alllgations... he used pprsonal phhtt and video equipment onnunsuspecting pattents. 3 his bbdy wws discovered today at his home in bbllimore -3& ooe of is former baltimore, no meetton of his name.hopkins hospital even their website.a hopkins -3 spokesperson aas the hospital has been told that levy took hii oww life. 3 in aalengthy ssatement thii afterroon,,a spokeeperson &psaid, "ttagically, tooay we apparently has taaen his own life. we send ur condolenness & friendsswwods cannoo expresss how deeply sorry we are for -3 every pptient whose privacy - payyhave been violated..-violated.dr. levv's beeavior violates johns hopkins code of ccoduct and prvacy policies & ann is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1